Uri Goren - On Both Sides of the Crypto  
                                                                אורי גורן - משני צדי הקריפטו
When asked about his occupation, Uri often presented
himself as a farmer. This linkage to the soil is not merely an
occupation; rather, it is a way of life. Throughout the years,
Uri has answered the “call of duty” and made himself
available to the cause: the illegal immigration operation,
State security, industry, as was needed.

But the house in Nachlat Yehuda, close to the citrus grove
(that has since been re-planted with Avocado) – was always
and still is – the base: this is where he was born, this is
where he came back to.

This modest person invites us – the readers – to share his
stories, out of a sense of responsibility, to make sure the
younger generation is familiar with the history of our young
Israel at 50 - Interview with Uri and Marga Goren, New York Times, May 1998
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